Welcome to the Book Barrio. I know I don’t have any readers YET, so this kind of feels like talking to a blank wall. But hey, I’m finally starting something instead of just talking about that blog that I wanted to start but was too lazy to do anything about. So the birth of the Book Barrio should be a cause for celebration. Yippee!

To tell you something about the name, “barrio” means a small town. I wanted a name that represented a bit of the culture where I’m from (Philippines.) And well, we do have a lot of small towns, mostly little communities with a high poverty level but equipped with a great capacity for finding joy out of life. So it’s like saying that this is the happy little book town, except instead of “happy little town” it’s actually “barrio.”

This is a place to share joy in reading. To talk about favorite books. And to escape into colorful worlds that will take us places.

The type of books that I want to review here are mostly popular books in the Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Romance (Historical/Modern/Paranormal), Young Adult, New Adult, and Science Fiction genres.

Looking forward to my future as a prolific book bloggess.