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Mina Louvet is a fighter, a human with a powerful will to survive in a world dominated by warlocks, soul-eaters, and shifters. Identified by the king’s witch as one of the rare, invaluable females in Dragons Realm who can give birth to a dragon’s son, she was stolen from her parents as a child and taken to the Keep to be reared in the ways of the Ahavi. As one of the few, the elect ~ the Sklavos Ahavi ~ Mina is expected to feed her master’s fire, reanimate his blood, and above all else, give him strong dragon offspring: children who will one day rise to power. But Mina, to her great misfortune, is far too intelligent for her own good: She has a stubborn sense of justice, and she is wholly incapable of blind submission.

Dante Dragona is as cunning as he is lethal, as methodical as he is dangerous, and as terrifying as he is powerful. As the eldest of three dragon princes, he is destined to succeed his merciless father to the throne of Castle Dragon. But first he must do his duty to the Realm by governing one of its harsh, unforgiving districts and claiming a Sklavos Ahavi. Hardened by the sadistic abuse he endured as a child and shaped by the tragic suicide of his twin, the prince lives only to fulfill his obligations to the monarchy: to maintain law and order in a bestial land, to contain its magical inhabitants, and to keep the kingdom safe from its mortal enemies, the Lycanian shifters across the sea. Like all primordial dragons, he rules with an iron fist, dominates with absolute power, and punishes with fire. Those who oppose him die a swift and brutal death ~ subject, enemy, or slave ~ the Realm has no tolerance for weakness.

When the iron resolve of a dragon prince clashes with the stubborn will of a slave, bonds will be broken, alliances will be tested, and a kingdom will be set ablaze.


When I read about the plot involving dragons and arranged marriages, I was really curious to see where the story would lead. This is my first time to try this author so I came in with no expectations.

Mina, one of the Sklavos Ahavi, is foretold to be able to produce male heir dragons. For this reason, she is taken from her family and groomed to be one the wives of the royal princes. She is not content about her lot as a prized broodmare for dragons, and would escape if she could.

From the first meeting, Mina feels a strong connection towards the eldest dragon prince, Dante. However they will have to wait for five months until the autumn festival wherein the King will choose the brides for each prince.

Both Mina and Dante fell a bit flat for me. Mina fit the typical romance heroine stereotype – headstrong, beautiful, submissive, willing to stupidly put herself in danger and be rescued. While Dante had a uber alpha thing going on, his “beast” needed to assert its dominance all the time. He was all, “You are mine,” to Mina.

The plot was well paced enough that I was able to keep on reading. However I felt that some of the events of the book weren’t really that believable. For example, Mina’s sister got kidnapped and sold into slavery. Even though Mina is one of the kingdom’s prized brides, she was able to easily escape the palace to spy on slave traders, and learn of her sister’s whereabouts. Mina would put herself in danger and Dante would be there to save her at the right time.

I also wanted more details about the world, its laws, the politics and the war going on. Some parts felt rushed to me. I just felt that there was a lack of balance between romance and fantasy elements, and the characters.

Rating: 2 Stars

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