Once upon a time, I was the only person I knew who read books on an ereader. I realized this when the highly controversial Fifty Shades of Grey became a big thing, and everyone, even the non-readers, wanted to read the book.

Being a regular Romance reader, I already knew about the book (Fifty Shades) and had been following the series for maybe a year. So it was quite a surprise when people I didn’t even normally talk to, were messaging me on facebook just to ask me about how they could get their hands on a digital copy of the book, how they could read it from their mobile phones or desktops. And it happened to me a lot.

At the time, I was also half-thinking that they were missing half of their lives by not even knowing about the unlimited opportunities in the ebook world. I come from a place wherein we don’t even have a local library. Bookstores didn’t always have everything and if I wanted to buy a book, I had to really choose wisely.

When I first discovered ebooks, I read like crazy. I read microsoft lit format ebooks on my old box-monitor desktop computer. I read books by authors who aren’t in my local bookstore. I read the hard-to-find bodice ripper books by famous Authors. I even read pdf files until 3am in the morning. My eyes hurt but I had a blast. And then Amazon and Sony started started selling ereaders and I wanted one so badly. It was a few years later when I was able to finally get my hands on a Kindle Keyboard. And I loved it. I took it everywhere with me. It was just like when I got my first ipod and could suddenly take 1000 songs with me anywhere. Like the people who got music crazy because of the apple ipod, I went book crazy because of Kindle. 61d-zvxgccl-_sl1000_

It was very liberating. The reading experience was so much better, because of the bigger fonts provided by the kindle keyboard. My only complaint was that it was pretty slow when I was navigating my library, but once I was in the ebook page-turning wasn’t a problem. If I was willing to read on my desktop for hours and hours, then the e-reader’s slow reaction time was nothing. No more eye strain due to the e-ink technology.

I also didn’t have much clutter in my bookshelf anymore. Bookworms are always having trouble finding places to put their books at. Plus I really hate it when I buy a book by an author I’ve never tried before, and end up not liking it. So I’d have to make bookshelf space for that book, and be reminded of my book regrets every time I saw it. With ebooks, there’s no need for that. I can be risky and try new authors, and if I didn’t like the book, then it was OK.

I’m on my second kindle now. It’s a Kindle Paperwhite. So aside from the e-ink technology that prevents eye-strain, it also has its own light, which was perfect for reading before bed time. The device reaction time is also way better than the Kindle Keyboard. Which makes life marginally better.

61-nx2bu95bl-_sl1000_I still like reading from real paper books. But I only keep the books that are closest to my heart. I keep the books that I want to read over and over again, and I love seeing my bookshelf with all my favorites side by side. The one-time read books are all on my kindle. And I’ve been reading happily ever after.