Happy New Year everyone! Let’s start the year right by having a ton of books on our to-read shelves. Here are 8 ways to find your next good read.
1. Goodreads. This is the best social media website for book lovers. People all over the world write reviews about the books they’ve read. I find the reviews written on Goodreads often seem more sincere than the reviews written on Amazon. If you don’t have an account, then make one now and explore  friends’ bookshelves, listopia (for lists of best books in any category), groups (forums) and reader reviews.

2. Book Blogs. I get notified of new releases mostly through the book blogging community. Book bloggers usually give the most informative book reviews and updates on book deals.

3. Amazon. One of my favorite ways to find books is through Amazon’s “Customers who bought this item also bought” section. I just go to the amazon pages of my favorite books and look at what other books people are buying too.

4. Mobilism. Yes, I know it’s one the biggest websites for downloading ebooks illegally. But it’s also a good way to find out what’s hot. You can see which books have the most downloads for the day, week or month, and just find out what people are reading in general. Take note though, that most authors are not bazillionaires, and they would totally appreciate it if you buy their books.

5. Your local bookstore. Browsing bestseller lists from my local bookstore is usually a good way to find books too. Mostly, these lists can convince me to try books that I’ve heard of but am not too keen on reading. There’s something tempting about holding a hardback with a lush book cover.

6. Instagram. There’s a whole community of people who love sharing pictures of books that they love in an artsy fartsy way. Looking at bookstagrams make me positively envious of the hardbacks and book collections that others have. Not to mention the mad photography skills.

7. Buzzfeed books. They sometimes come up with lists like The 24 Best Literary Debuts of 2015

8. Twitter. Stalk your favorite authors. Randomly ask anyone for a rec. You’ll find that most people are usually eager to talk about books that they love. I’ve discovered a few books this way myself.

Wishing you a good year of reading this 2016!