The Score by Elle Kennedy

Genre: Romance, New Adult


The Score by Elle Kennedy is a College Romance. It is the 3rd book in the author’s Off Campus series. Having enjoyed the other books in the series, I immediately pushed this up on my to-read list. Allie is Hannah’s (Book 1 heroine) best friend. They’re roommies. When Allie decides to break up with her long time boyfriend, she needs a hiding place so she can avoid the stalker ex-boyfriend. Hannah’s boyfriend, Garrett, who just so happens to be on a weekend vaca with Hannah, offers to let Allie stay in his room for the weekend. He gives his housemate, playboy extraordinaire, Dean, instructions NOT to hit on Allie. But of course, Dean does definitely hit on Allie, while she’s drunk and feeling vulnerable from the break up. Hot rebound sex ensues.

What starts from a one night stand escalates into a lust fest between the two main characters. Dean is a manwhore, and Allie is the shy type who has the golden vagina that will change his ways. I swear this book has so much sex scenes that I could probably label it as an almost-erotica. I liked the chemistry between the main characters.

The story is expertly done. Its’s not just all about the sex. We see a couple that starts from being just in lust, into being in love. Nevertheless, this book isn’t as memorable as the first book in the series, The Deal, which remains my favorite. (If you haven’t this series yet, the first book, The Deal is $0.99 on Kindle today.) The Score, won’t get you re-reading anytime soon. But it’s a quick, enjoyable read for Romance lovers who need an HEA fix.

Rating: 3 Stars