Sebring by Kristen Ashley

Genre: Modern Romance


Nick Sebring has revenge issues. An evil gangster caused the death of his ex-girlfriend, and he wants to take that gangster down. So he woos the gangster’s daughter, Olivia Shade, with the hopes that he’ll get her to trust him and reveal the family secrets. But since this is a Kristen Ashley novel, he falls in love with his enemy’s daughter instead.

I must say that I have followed this author ever since I first discovered the Fantasyland series, and really liked it. You see, when you first experience reading a Kristen Ashley novel, it’s like being a dog from the mountains that suddenly gets its first city experience. Her writing style is light and fun. The heroines are full of nutty personality. And no matter how lengthy and stretched out the story is, you just can’t look away and keep asking for more. Her books are like never ending Happily Ever Afters that you binge read on all the time. That being said, it is unfortunate that this book is the book that makes me want to not read another Kristen Ashley book.

Instead of the usual can-i-please-have-more reaction, I just felt sick of it in the I-can’t-eat-my-favorite-food-anymore way. I’ve read all the other books by this author. And the writing is always superb. But I just did not find anything different or interesting in this book. It is like every other book that she has written. The plot seems like all the other plots she has written. The hero and heroine are just similar to her other characters, except with different names. Nothing makes these characters different. The book is good in the way that a novel by Kristen Ashley is good. It has her unique style and all. But it’s definitely not her best work, and it’s too similar to her past work that I should have just re-read her past work instead.

Rating: 2 Stars 😦