Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop
I’ve been following this book series since Written in Red first came out and wowed everyone with its unique brand of urban fantasy. Re-reading each book in the series has always been a pleasure. I make no exception for Marked in Flesh, the fourth book in the series.

Here, we see our favorite blood prophet, Meg Corbyn grow into herself and discover things about telling prophecy without having to use the razor. And the story gets bigger. It’s not just about Meg and her little world in the courtyard anymore. The conflict between humans and the Others is growing. One mistake can cause the entire thing to collapse. Other parts of Thaisia are also awakening to the dangers posed by these conflicts. We also get to see some of the Elders who are even more otherly than the Courtyard Others. Let me just say that huge changes happen in this book.

Meg and Simon’s romantic relationship is progressing ever so slowly. But whatever progress they have is so sweet and endearing. The Meg and Simon moments are always my favorite parts to read. They’re like little treasures scattered here and there to quietly surprise with its emotional depth.

The real strength of these books are the characters. I could read about Meg receiving deliveries or about Simon hunting meat all day. Similar to the previous books in the series, the plot pace is a bit slow, which allows for introspection and character growth. There were some parts that did bore me, but the tension picks up and the big things that happen in this book are not to be missed.

When I finished the book, I immediately went back to re-read my favorite parts.

Rating: 4 Stars