Where have the Robin Hobb books been all my life? I mean it’s crazy how good all her books are. It all started when I was bored and depressed and I needed something to cheer me up. So i re-read Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind series. There are two amazing books out right now and they’re not without flaws but I really love them both. So anyway I spent maybe a few weeks straight just reading my old favorites and then suddenly, I’ve finished. And I didn’t have anything to read next and then I was back to being sad and depressed.
So I went on reddit, looking for recommendations from people and Robin Hobb just came up consistently as the most recommended. So I decided to give it a shot. And it was amazing. I think I probably spent just 2 months reading everything Robin Hobb wrote. The Farseer Trilogy series just worked for me.
The characterization was amazing. Fitzchivalry was just so real that you know the author poured part of her soul just writing these books.
The Farseer trilogy is about a royal bastard turned royal assassin for the kingdom. There’s a lot of court intrigue, politics, fantastical elements like dragons and magical abilities. This book has got it all. I think the one thing that these books have that I rarely ever see in other fantasy books is the depth of characterization. The author really goes deep into the soul of the character. And once I was hooked, I just couldn’t look away. i was emotionally invested in the well-being of these characters.
I’ve noticed that I also have certain triggers that usually send me crying. I usually cry whenever I read a scene about a woman being beaten. It doesn’t have to be the main character, it can the heroine’s mother and I’ll still go into tears. These books didn’t really have any scenes that are like my usual tear triggers, but boy did each book in the series send me to tears. I cried the first time reading the series. The second time I read the books, I found some other scenes to cry about. It’s just that emotionally powerful. Robin Hobb is such a master.
The Farseer Trilogy is the first series of books about Fitzchivalry Farseer. It covers his life from childhood until he’s around age 20. The second series, the Tawny Man trilogy takes place when Fitz is 35 years old onwards. And the third series, Fitz and the Fool Trilogy takes place when Fitz is in his 60’s. Yes, we will be following the whole life of a book character and it’s so great.
Now in between these three trilogies are two spin off series. The Liveship Trilogy is really good too. It’s about a different set of characters and the adventure & fantasy elements were beautifully done. The Rain Wilds series, are another set of 4 books written in the same world.
And all of these books tie in together to make one big picture. All the books are lengthy, but in the best way. You really get to savor the beauty of these books. I literally lived for these books when I was reading them.
I have read all of the books more than twice now. And I’ll probably read them some more in the future.