Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Horror, Erotica 




He ascended from the darkness years ago—Azrael the Eternal, Azrael the Undying, Azrael Who Is Death—bringing with him the black rains, the fires, the souring of the sky, and the Eaters. Now he rules in the walled city of Haven with his favored Children and his dead court, while all that is left of the living struggles to survive in the ruins of a world that used to be their own. But even as extinction looms, humanity will never surrender to their monstrous conqueror.

For Lan, this brutal life has been the only one she’s ever known, but she still believes it can change. If the war can never truly end until the Eaters are ended, she will go to Haven, to Azrael himself, and demand he end them. To her surprise, she does not immediately die the hero’s death she expected. Instead, Azrael offers her a chance to convince him, and all she has to do is submit herself to the chill embrace of the lord of the Land of the Beautiful Dead.


When I heard that R. Lee Smith had a new book out, I just knew I had to stop everything and read it. And it was a very long, very satisfying read. I was totally obsessed. My eyes were tired, I knew it was unhealthy to stay up so late reading but I just couldn’t put it down.

The story is set in a post apocalyptic world. Azrael, the Lord of the Dead, has conquered the world. He has the power to control the dead, make them live again, or turn them into zombies called Eaters. He invaded England, and is enjoying his victory over mankind. Lan, a young woman born in a harsh world, decides to face Azrael to ask him to end the Eaters. She believes in peace and she wants to end the suffering.

And herein lies the dilemma. If Azrael ends the Eaters, which are what keeps the humans at bay, the humans will surely attack and there will be war and death all over again. But Lan is stubborn and she is not leaving until she gets what she wants. So Azrael decides to grant her an audience. She can plead her hopeless case again and again, in exchange for being his whore, courtesan, mistress, his dolly.

Azrael is not exactly human, think demonic, scarred human-like immortal creature. He has been betrayed, tortured, hunted down, burned, piked, anything you can think of, but he does not die. And humans, being really stupid kept on trying to destroy him and provoked a war. Azrael did not want a fight with the humans, but in order to have his peace, he was pushed into creating his dead army to protect himself. War became the only way he knew how to live.

Lan  has lived a harsh life. She was born in a post apocalyptic world. People who die turn into Eaters. There was no proper grieving for the dead. There was a lack of food, and she has had to sell pieces of herself to survive. Despite all this, she believes that if the Eaters just went away, the world could move on from the war. And she is willing to do anything to stop the Eaters.

The story is very raw, emotional and obsessive.  It was about humanity, death and love. It’s a character driven epic love story. And their love was so beautiful, unforgettable. The ending was one of the best endings I’ve ever read. I know on the surface it sounds really horrific, but trust me and give this book a chance.

It is even a bit more tame and less violent compared to the other novels by R. Lee Smith. So if you have never read anything by this author before, then this would be a good book to start with. You won’t regret it.

Rating: 5 Stars

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