Genre: Romantic Thriller with a supernatural twist


Anna Caldwell has spent the last few days in a blur. She’s seen her brother’s dead body, witnessed the shooting of innocent civilians, and been shot at herself. Now she has nowhere to turn—and only one person she can possibly call.

Since Anna dumped him, it seems waiting is all Josiah Wolfe has done. Now, she’s calling, and she needs his help—or rather, the “talents” she once ran away from. As a liquidation agent, Josiah knows everything about getting out of tough situations. He’ll get whatever she’s carrying to the proper authorities, then settle down to making sure she doesn’t leave him again.

But the story Anna’s stumbled into is far bigger than even Josiah suspects. Anna wants to survive, Josiah wants Anna back, and the powerful people chasing her want the only thing worth killing for—immortality. An ancient evil has been trapped, a woman is in danger, and the world is going to see just how far a liquidation agent will go…


The book starts with Anna on the run from the people who killed her brother. She has nobody to go to except Josiah, her ex-boyfriend and also an assassin for hire. Together, they run away from the enemies and try to figure out what Anna’s brother stumbled on.

Anna is shocked and hurting for most of the book. It is understandable for someone in her situation to be like that. And Josiah was an asshole at first but then his protective instincts kicked in and then he was all alpha-protect mode. I really didn’t feel much of the chemistry between them, probably because Anna was such a helpless damsel in distress. It was full of those “Are you okay?” dialogues followed by protective hugs and then more running.

Also, they go about solving the mystery of why the bad guys killed Anna’s brother by just running away and escaping until finally everything is laid out for them. The most interesting part of the part of the story is the supernatural twist. The action was okay, but not gripping.

Blood Call was engaging enough for me to be able to read on to the finish line. But at the end of the day, the characters fell flat, the romance felt forced, and the mystery wasn’t worth solving.

Rating: 2 stars

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